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War of 1812

The War of 1812 is a little known and little understood war from the United States' early history. Many people know little about the war, or have never heard of it before. Those that have heard of it know it for one or more of these reasons: the bombardment of Ft. McHenry that led to the writing of the Star Spangled Banner, the burning of the White House and other buildings in Washington, DC and the Battle of New Orleans (mostly because of the popular song of that title that topped the charts in 1959).

So, what was the War of 1812 all about? While there were many reasons, it can mostly be broken down into three main causes.

  1. A series of trade restrictions imposed on the U.S. by both Great Britain and France during the Napoleonic Wars.
  2. Impressment (forced recruitment) of U.S. sailors by the British, who the British claimed (sometimes correctly) that were deserters from the British Navy. One such incident was the British warship HMS Leopard attacked and boarded the American frigate Chesapeake in 1807. This caused a firestorm in the U.S.
  3. Indian attacks in the Northwest which were in response to the continued expansion of settlers. These attacks were supported by the British military.

Battles in the War of 1812 on the New York Frontier

6/18/1812 War declared
7/19/1812 1st battle of Sackett's Harbor, New York
7/31/1812 Ambush among the 1000 Islands
9/21/1812 Raid on Gananoque, Ontario, CA.
10/4/1812 Battle of Frenchman's Creek, Ontario, CA
2/7/1813 Raid on Elizabethtown, Ontario, CA
2/1813 Pike's March to Sackett's Harbor, New York
2/22/1813 Battle of Ogdensburgh, New York
4/27/1813 Capture of York, Ontario
5/13/1813 Attack at Port Charlotte
5/27/1813 Capture of Fort George, Ontario, CA
5/28/1813 2nd Battle of Sackett's Harbor, New York
6/6/1813 Battle of Stoney Creek, Ontario, CA
6/19/1813 Burning of Sodus Point, New York
6/24/1813 Battle at the Beaver Dam, Ontario, CA
7/11/1813 Raid on Black Rock, New York
10/5/1813 Battle of the Thames, Ontario, CA
10/25/1813 Battle of Chateaugay
11/11/1813 Battle of Chrysler's Farm, Ontario, CA
12/17/1813 British capture of Ft. Niagara, New York
12/28/1813 British ravage Niagara frontier, New York
3/4/1814 Battle of Longwoods, Ontario, CA
3/30/1814 Second Battle of Lacolle Mills, Quebec, CA
5/5/1814 Battle of Oswego
5/14/1814 Raid on Port Dover, Ontario, CA
5/28/1814 Battle of Sandy Creek, New York
7/2/1814 Invasion of Canada (Niagara), Ontario, CA
7/5/1814 Battle of Chippewa
7/25/1814 Battle of Lundy's Lane, Ontario, CA
8/4//1814 Siege of Ft. Erie, Ontario, CA
9/11/1814 Battle of Plattsburgh, New York
11/6/1814 Battle of Malcolm's Mills, Ontario, CA

Battles in the War of 1812 across the Nation

7/17/1812 Seige of Fort Mackinac, Michigan
8/5/1812 Battle of Brownstown, Michigan
8/9/1812 Battle of Maguaga, Michigan
8/15/1812 Battle of Fort Dearborn, Illinois
8/15/1812 Seige of Detroit, Michigan
9/4/1812 Seige of Fort Harrison, Indiana
9/5/1812 Seige of Fort Wayne, Indiana
11/22/1812 Battle of Wild Cat Creek, Indiana
12/17/1812 Battle of Mississinewa, Indiana
1/22/1813 Battle of Frenchtown, Michigan
4/28/1813 Seige of Fort Meigs, Ohio
8/2/1813 Battle of Fort Stephenson, Ohio
8/10/1813 Battle of St. Michaels, Maryland
7/17/1814 Battle of Prarie du Chien, Wisconsin
7/26/1814 Battle of Mackinac Island, Michigan
8/24/1814 Battle of Bladensburg, Maryland
8/29/1814 Raid on Alexandria, Virginia
9/3/1814 Battle of Hampden, Maine
9/12/1814 Battle of North Point, Maryland
9/12/1814 Attack of Ft. McHenry, Maryland
9/14/1814 First Battle of Fort Bowyer, Alabama
11/7/1814 Battle of Pensacola, Florida
12/6/1814 Skirmish at Farnham Church, Virginia
12/24/1814 Treaty of Ghent
1/8/1815 Battle of New Orleans, Louisiana
1/9/1815 Seige of Fort St. Phillip, Lousiana
1/13/1815 Battle of Fort Peter,Georgia
2/7/1815 Second Battle of Fort Bowyer, Alabama
5/24/1815 Battle of the Sink Hole, Upper Mississippi River


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